Why are cosmetic surgery reviews important?

When searching for a cosmetic surgeon, many people choose to prioritise qualifications, board certification, locality or even price, over the more traditional, word-of-mouth route.

All of these factors are important, of course; especially qualifications and board certification, which – provided they are legitimate – show you that a surgeon is truly eligible to perform your surgery. I feel very strongly, however, that personal recommendations go a long way towards telling you whether a surgeon is a good match for you.

Human interest

You could spend hours reading plastic surgeon’s biographies on the internet, and if you are serious about finding the best surgeon then you probably will, but there is only so much information you can glean from these online CVs.

Reading reviews from past patients can help you to understand how that surgeon interacts with his patients – from his/her bedside manner to his/her understanding and interpretation of their needs. You can find out whether s/he did a good job, in the patient’s eyes, and how available they were post-op, if the patient had any concerns.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

Of course, if you have narrowed it down to one or two surgeons, at the consultation stage it might be worth asking if any of their past patient’s are willing to be contacted.

Many patients will understand that you want to be totally sure before booking your surgery and will be happy to reassure you, if they think the surgeon performed well.

You should also ask to see before and after images from previous similar surgeries, so you can see whether this surgeon is able to achieve the sort of look you are after – although you must always be aware that any surgeon’s abilities will be limited to what they can achieve with your particular physiology.