What is more important in choosing a cosmetic surgeon: recommendations or before and after photographs?

Both personal recommendations and before and after photographs are very useful tools when it comes to choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Which is more important to you will ultimately be a personal decision, but you should consider a number of different factors, which I’ve outlined below.

Who is the recommendation from?

Do you trust the person who is recommending the surgeon? Is it someone you know well, a stranger whose number you have been given by the cosmetic surgery clinic, or even someone on an online forum?

If the recommendation comes from someone you know well, and you have seen and been impressed with the results of their surgery, then this is probably a good indicator that the surgeon is someone you can trust with your own cosmetic surgery.

Anonymous recommendations

Sometimes a cosmetic surgeon might give you the telephone number of a previous patient who has said they are happy to talk about their experience.

This can be very helpful, particularly if you are feeling nervous about the procedure, but it is important to think about whether the person at the end of the phone sounds genuine. You also might like to ask to see their before and after photographs, so you can see whether you are as impressed with their results as they are.

Recommendations on forums can be tricky, as it is difficult to know who the people are who are posting the comments. Generally, if there is an overwhelmingly positive array of comments online about a particular cosmetic surgeon, then s/he is likely to be good, but in this case before and after photographs will provide an additional aid to put your mind at rest.

In conclusion

Ideally, the surgeon you choose would both come recommended and have before and after photographs that show the kind of results you are looking for.

If a surgeon is unable to show any before and after photographs, however, be wary. Personal recommendations are a fantastic indicator of a surgeon’s bedside manner, but remember that everyone is looking for something slightly different from their cosmetic surgery, and photographs of previous patients are the best way to see whether a cosmetic surgeon can provide the results you want.