Mr Tulley’s great skill with meticulous and artistic treatment

I became a grateful patient of Mr Paul Tulley in 2015. Having worked internationally in the arts and entertainment industry for most of my life it was a priority for both my career and self-image that I maintain an attractive, authentic and youthful appearance to remain competitive in my artistic endeavours.

Mr Tulley’s great skill with meticulous and artistic treatment using facial fillers was brilliant. Cosmetically effective treatment renewed my face with a fresh, vibrant and youthful perspective.

My close friends, family and professional colleagues would comment on a newly vibrant and glowing wellness about me

With subtle, careful and artistic application of facial fillers I lost 10 – 15 visible years and received many stunning compliments. All in all, I owe these improvements to Mr Tulley’s artistry and skilled talent, perfectionism and medical expertise. Many thanks.

In addition as an anxious patient I was treated with patience, care and understanding. In conclusion, I have been extremely pleased with the results. I truly believe this treatment has enhanced both my life and appearance: I remain beautiful and successful in my career and artistic endeavours.

With great thanks to Mr Tulley.

Los Angeles & London
Facial Rejuvenation & Contouring with Facial Filler