My confidence in Mr Tulley was such that I had no qualms whatsoever

Three years ago, I decided to have my breast implants removed and another operation called a mastopexy… which to all of those uninitiated to the world of cosmetic surgery, is a breast lift.

Over a number of years my implants had become asymmetric, horribly encapsulated, and so were not only way too uncomfortable to lie on, but they just looked rather odd! Quite frankly, I had become tired of having these very weighty, solid orbs on the front of my body… it was time to get them removed!

I had my consultation with Mr Tulley and immediately felt confident that he would do an excellent job, both with the implant removal (which is more complicated than you would think when the implant is wrapped up tightly in a girdle of crushing scar tissue), and the reconstruction and lifting of the leftover breast tissue.

Over the years and long before meeting Mr Tulley, I had had the encapsulated implants removed and then replaced. The resultant bruising came right down to my waist and the post-operative pain was dreadful. So needless to say I was expecting a whole world of post-operative pain with this next procedure but at least I knew what to expect, so was prepared for the worst.

Just imagine my amazement when I awoke from the anaesthesia. No pain… at all! Not only that, but once all the initial pain medications had worn off I didn’t even need to take anything more than the occasional paracetamol.

When the bandages were finally removed, I could hardly believe how much breast tissue Mr Tulley had managed to salvage in order to sculpt a most beautiful pair of pert breasts. In retrospect, had I have known this degree of success was possible, I would have had the operation instead of having the implants replaced twice over.

Fast forward one year later to June 2015. Flushed with the success of my implant removal and mastopexy, I decided to fix the next things on my list.

  1. To remove some of the signs of ageing from my face… well, at 58 looking like I did in my 20s would be ridiculous, right?
  2. To have my tummy muscles pulled together again and a mini tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Having had five children, my muscles were so far apart, that no amount of stomach crunching was ever going to rectify the situation. In fact, when I would lie on the floor and raise my upper body, I could see that my  abdomen would actually protrude longitudinally… how bizarre!

My confidence in Mr Tulley was such that I had no qualms whatsoever, so following my consultation I arranged to have both procedures at the same time, one after the other.

Following the operation, I awoke with a fair degree of pain but that was quickly sorted with pain medications administered intravenously. My face was lifted and rejuvenated, and I felt like I’d had all my abdominal muscles pulled together like the best corset you’ve ever tried on in a bridal shop and then stitched back together again.

Discomfort aside, when, a few days later, I managed to stand upright, the results of my face and tummy were beyond amazing!!! I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was with the results. In my tummy, Mr Tulley had managed to pull my muscles together even though the gap between them was five inches. He then used a judicious amount of liposuction to enhance my waist. The result was an hourglass figure that I hadn’t had for many a year.

Fast forward to 2016.

My face and waistline are still a fantastic testament to Mr Tulley’s skill in the operating theatre.

Would I have something else done? In a heartbeat… I’m just waiting for the time when I see something sagging and in need of Mr T’s brilliance.

Quite frankly, in this day and age of more affordable cosmetic surgery, there is no need to put up with something about yourself that you don’t like.

On an entirely separate note, I see Mr Tulley every four months or so to have Botox injections into the suboccipital muscles on the back of my head. I have found this particular treatment absolutely invaluable in stopping persistent migraines.

Should anyone feel like they would like to talk to me about any of the above then please let Mr Tulley know. I would be more than happy to help answer any of your questions from a patient’s perspective.

Mrs IM
SMASectomy Facelift and Neck Lift, Upper Blepharoplasty, Breast Implant Removal + Vertical Scar Mastopexy, Mini-Abdominoplasty & Liposuction