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What happens if my cosmetic surgery procedure goes wrong?

Generally, cosmetic surgery is very safe – particularly if you have chosen your surgeon wisely and ensured that s/he is fully qualified and experienced, with membership of the appropriate professional bodies. However, like any surgery, it does carry some risks – these can be complications of the surgery itself, such as infection and bleeding, anaesthetic […]

Is cosmetic surgery painful?

If you were to undergo any cosmetic surgery procedure without an anaesthetic, then it would of course be very painful! Thankfully, however, anaesthetic techniques are so advanced nowadays that you won’t feel a thing throughout the cosmetic surgery itself. After the cosmetic surgery procedure Although you will be numbed throughout the operation, there will be […]

What does ‘downtime’ really mean?

We often hear people talking about ‘downtime’ when it comes to cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, but what does the phrase really mean, and how does it relate to the recovery period and the time it takes to see results? Downtime When it comes to cosmetic procedures, most people use the phrase ‘downtime’ to refer […]

What do my cosmetic surgeon’s professional qualifications and memberships mean?

Looking for a cosmetic surgeon to perform your breast augmentation, facelift or other cosmetic procedure can be a very confusing and difficult process. Not least confusing is deciphering all the initials after a surgeon’s name and working out which of those are important. Here is a breakdown of my qualifications and accreditations and what they […]

Do I need to like my cosmetic surgeon?

In a word: yes! It is vitally important that you feel comfortable in your cosmetic surgeon’s company. You need to be able to ask your surgeon as many questions about the procedure as are necessary to ensure that you understand everything that the surgery entails, and you also need to be able to state your […]

Why stop smoking before having cosmetic surgery?

Patients often ask me why they need to stop smoking several weeks before an operation; the assumption is that I, like everyone else, am just concerned about the general ill effects of smoking on their health. However, the truth is that smoking can have serious implications for anyone undergoing any type of surgery, and here’s […]

How do I check my cosmetic surgeon’s qualifications and experience?

Once you’ve made the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery to correct or enhance either the face or body, the first step is to find a cosmetic surgeon. This is often the most important step in the planning stage, as your practitioner choice can have a profound impact on the eventual success of your cosmetic surgery […]

Cosmetic surgery aftercare – what to expect

Your post-surgery needs will vary, depending on what sort of operation you have had, but here are some basics that every surgeon or clinic should offer, whatever the procedure: Pain relief Following your operation, you will be in some pain for a few days or even weeks. You should be kept in the hospital for […]

Why do some cosmetic surgeons charge for consultations?

The question should really be: why don’t some clinics charge for consultations. Cosmetic surgeons, like specialists in any other area of medicine, use the consultation to perform a thorough check-up and discuss with you your reasons for wanting surgery, in order to assess both your physical and emotional well-being. Once all these checks have been […]