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What to ask at a cosmetic surgery consultation

It can be very difficult to know what questions to ask at a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. Many people feel that they are there to be assessed by the surgeon, but in fact the opposite is just as true – this is as much an opportunity for you to decide if this is the […]

How do I find a cosmetic surgeon?

In the UK, cosmetic surgery which aims to enhance or alter the physical appearance and is not necessary medically, is performed in the private sector. This means that unlike procedures offered by the NHS, you are free to choose your own cosmetic surgeon. This has many benefits, but it can also prove a daunting challenge. […]

Beyond thrilled with my results

If you are a person who values their looks and has very definite views on how they want to age then I cannot recommend Mr Paul Tulley highly enough. Many years ago I had breast implants and for a time they were wonderful. However, they became encapsulated and needed to be removed. At that time […]

I felt reassured, safe and he removed all my doubts

I had my plastic surgery with Paul Tulley, and I am absolutely delighted with the results and I would certainly recommend him. Besides being a great surgeon he also became a good friend, and since we are talking about surgery, this is very important as we are putting our bodies and our lives in his […]