Breast uplift changed my life

I would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Tulley as he has changed my life with the surgery he performed. He clearly values what is best for his patients and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.
Ms LT, London
Bilateral Mastopexy

Highly recommend Paul Tulley

I have wanted a rhinoplasty for twenty years and finally took the plunge July this year. I have had consultations with a few surgeons over the years, but decided to go for it after meeting with Mr Tulley.

From the first appointment he was very attentive. Taking measurements and photos from the first appointment; he really understood what I wanted to change about my nose. Despite how keen I was to have a rhinoplasty, I was still very nervous, and he was happy to meet me for several appointments, which I really appreciated.

Thumbs up for breast augmentation results

I want to thank Mr Paul Tulley for the best surgery I’ve ever seen. Mr Tulley did my breast implant surgery in August 2018, and it’s awesome – I feel like a new person! His procedure is without any pain or scars and my breasts are a great size and shape and very natural.
Thank you very much again!
Ms NS, London
Breast Augmentation

5 star review on Top Doctors

Top Doctor 5 Star Review

Mr Paul Tulley recently received this review on the Top Doctor’s website – his patient would recommend Mr Tulley and gave him five stars for bedside manner, friendliness of his staff, wait time and the facilities where he received treatment.

Exceptional results and seamless procedure

A flawless experience throughout, from initial meetings, to the day of procedure, the results and aftercare. The mini facelift procedure has turned out extremely well and I would wholeheartedly recommend Paul to others considering cosmetic surgery.

Ms CV, London
Mini Facelift
Four months post surgery

Breast reduction surgery benefits

I had a breast reduction surgery with Mr Tulley at the Weymouth St Hospital, London. I have seen enormous benefits since my operation in my health & wellbeing and I am so happy that I chose Mr Tulley to perform the operation.
Ms EP, London
Breast Reduction 

Facial palsy reconstruction

It’s been an absolute triumph so far. No discomfort and lots of people commenting that my face definitely looks so much better. So many thanks.

My weight loss transformation

Thank you for all your patience and support during ‘phase one’. My weight loss transformation would have been so very hard to accept without your skills and confident advice. I’m looking forward to phase two already.

First Class Plastic Surgeon – Tummy Tuck Review – RealSelf


realself review logo

Latest testimonial for Mr Paul Tulley on plastic surgery review site RealSelf. This patient underwent an abdominoplasty – after losing a great deal of weight and undergoing two Caesarean sections she had been left with a large amount of excess skin that left her feeling very uncomfortable. Her life has been transformed since undergoing a tummy tuck with Mr Paul Tulley. Click here to read the review in full.


You do not realise the magnitude of what you have done for me

I have been looking forward to writing a review on plastic surgeon Mr Paul Tulley.

Let me start by saying a very big thank you to Mr Tulley from the bottom of my heart. Paul, you might not realise the magnitude of what you have done for me. I can never forget you for the rest of my life as you have put so much joy, confidence and high self-esteem in me.

After losing and keeping off 15kg in weight over nine years from exercising and having two children by Caesarean section, I had been carrying a huge amount of excess skin in my abdomen which has always made me sad and unconfident no matter what I wore. You have turned this around.

It will be nearly four weeks since I had my abdominoplasty and everything has gone extremely smoothly and the recovery is still ongoing.

I highly recommend Mr Paul Tulley for anyone looking for a first-class plastic surgeon.

I met Mr Paul Tulley in person four months before my surgery and I knew straight away he would be the one. He spoke to me with a lot of confidence in the job he does. He answered every question and gave me the best advice on what he would be doing.

I am still healing but 100% satisfied already.

My Paul Tulley pays attention to detail, is very caring and was extremely responsive when asked any questions.

I am yet to fully come to terms with my new body as he did an excellent job.

Paul, thank you so so much.

Ms AB, Cape Town